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Inside Fun

Soft Play Centre

Some may call it a Jungle Gym or even Ronald's play area. We call it Play all day for 10 bucks. Slides, bridges, tunnels and towers, sorry no big kids allowed, 8 and under only. The kids can play as the moms and dads can hang out at the base and watch their child play.

Climbing Walls

Six 20 foot stations to climb and test your skill or compete with your friends to become the King of the Mountain. Spend ten minutes and try all six stations. If you don't think 20 feet is high you haven't climbed to the top yet.

Laser Tag

Battle your friends thru a glow in the dark 2000 square feet of maze. Play the worlds best laser tag "Lazier Runner". Shoot thru fog and see your laser strike your opponent for a hit. After the seven and a half minute battle pick up your score card and find out how accurate of a shooter you are.